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  1. scam

    • IPA[skam]


    • n.
      a dishonest scheme; a fraud
    • v.
    • verb: scam, 3rd person present: scams, gerund or present participle: scamming, past tense: scammed, past participle: scammed

    • noun: scam, plural noun: scams

    • 釋義


    • 1. informal a dishonest scheme; a fraud an insurance scam


    • 1. swindle a guy that scams old pensioners out of their savings
  2. 知識+

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      先看一下這本書的介紹你大概可以知道Scam Literature討論的是什麼樣的內容。 【...與愛情、文學與歷史、背叛與謀殺的最高傑作! 【Scam】= 【陰謀】 【Literature】 = 【文學...

    • Phishing is a new kind of scam

      雖然文中最後面有說到要怎麼防範釣魚詐騙, 但是文裡大部分都還是在介紹詐騙的方式跟嚴重性, 雖然我個人是認為C跟D的答案應該都是對的, 但是硬要單選的話, C還是比較適當的答案, 不過我認為C跟D在這一題單選中擺在一起, 本身就是不太恰當, 容易讓這...

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      ...suffer from the sequence which caused by the person. (2)Sweepstakes scam someone might have such hobby of betting racing horses. therefore...