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  1. scanted

    • scant的動詞過去式、過去分詞
  2. 知識+

    • scant , scanty

      兩字均為形容詞,scant 亦作 及物\不及物動詞、副詞、名詞用 並列比較其中差異如下: scanty...scant (a.)不充分的,不足的 (vt.)減少,吝嗇,限制,藐視,忽略 例句及分析: scant /sk'ænt/ Scant \Scant\, v. i. To fail...

    • 艱深的英文翻譯問題2

      ...important matter? *weigh in at 加入 He weighed in at the competition. *with scant progress 因為努力不足 He didn't get good grades with her scant...

    • 我想知道最近的良好的英文新聞

      .... Barack Obama's experience is equally scant. A look at his resume reveals that he served as an...