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  1. scared

    • IPA[skerd]


    • adj.
      fearful; frightened
    • 釋義


    • 1. fearful; frightened I wasn't scared at all we're both scared of spiders
  2. 知識+

    • afraid/scared /fear..

      Scared <形容詞> 是因為"真實的東西"所以害怕 通常是指物體 Ex: scared of snakes(怕蛇), scared of cockroaches (怕蟑螂) Fear是恐懼 <名詞/動詞...

    • 請問scare在這些句子裡的用法

      You scare me. 跟 I was scared by you 的差別 兩者從字面上翻譯各為 You scare me. ->你嚇到我了。 I was scared by you. ->我被你嚇到了。 兩者語意其實都差不多,但前者為主動式,後者為...

    • what are you scare about

      scare只當動詞或名詞,所以應該是: What do you scare? What do you scare about? What are you scaring? ...