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  1. scene

    • IPA[siːn]



    • n.
    • 名詞複數:scenes

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 場景 the opening or first scene 第一場 the final or last scene 最後一場
    • 2. 鏡頭 a scene from a film 一個電影鏡頭 a comic/frightening/breathtaking scene 滑稽/恐怖/驚險的鏡頭
    • 3. 布景; 秘密地 to change the scene 更換布景 behind the scenes 在後臺
    • 4. 現場 at the scene of the crime/accident 在犯罪/事故現場 to arrive or appear on the scene 露面
    • 5. 著重點 the scene of operations 戰場
    • 6. 事件; 場面 scenes of utter confusion 極端混亂的場面 the peaceful demonstration degenerated into scenes of violence 和平示威演變成了暴力事件
    • 7. 景象; 景色 a delightful rural scene 賞心悅目的鄉村風光 a depressing scene 令人壓抑的景象
    • 8. 當場發作; 和某人交歡 to make a scene 大鬧一場 to have a scene with sb. 和某人當場翻臉
    • 9. 圈子 the political scene 政界 the pop/fashion scene 流行音樂界/時裝界


    1. the place where an incident in real life or fiction occurs or occurred

    2. a landscape

    3. an incident of a specified nature

    4. a specified area of activity or interest

    5. a public display of emotion or anger

    6. a sequence of continuous action in a play, film, opera, or book

    7. a subdivision of an act of a play in which the time is continuous and the setting fixed and which does not usually involve a change of characters