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  1. school

    • IPA[skuːl]


    • n.
      an institution for educating children;the buildings used by a school
    • v.
      send to school; educate;train or discipline (someone) in a particular skill or activity
    • adj.
      (of a Xhosa) educated and westernized;(of a name) of Western origin
    • verb: school, 3rd person present: schools, gerund or present participle: schooling, past tense: schooled, past participle: schooled

    • noun: school, plural noun: schools

    • 釋義
    • 片語




    • 1. South African (of a Xhosa) educated and westernized economic considerations persuaded many Xhosa not to become school by opting for a Western lifestyle
    • South African (of a name) of Western origin it embarrasses me to be called by the school name I was given at church