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    • school fee refund

      ...up, Great Lakes Christne College, and ask the school whether or not you can get your refund back. Hope that helps...

    • (英翻)語言學校相關問題。急需!!!!!急需!!!!!!!

      ...2.請問學費的部分最晚什麼時候要給你們? When is the deadline for school fee? 3.我可以如何付我的學費給你們?刷卡?或是匯款? Can I pay (the...

    • 有關”費用”的英文說法?

      ...up again. fee: 名詞。費用,對於一項特別的工作,權力或服務所需支付的費用。 School fees rate: 名詞。費用,數目或付款的標準。 What is the standard rate...