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    • 影片的英文..

      1. science fiction film 科幻片 2. comedy film 喜劇片 3. horror film 恐怖片 4. tragedy film 悲劇片 5. black... picture 國語片 12. trailer 預告片 13. cartoon 卡通影片 14. disaster film 災難片

    • 科幻片跟科幻小說 英文怎麼說?

      科幻片跟科幻小說 英文怎麼說? science fiction filmscience fiction novel 那 sci-fi film 是科幻片嗎???????????????? 是sci-fi film = science fiction film

    • 請幫我簡單的檢查一下文法^^

      ...remember that one. I watched that movie a long time ago! I always like science fiction films. But I hate the illogical part. Most actor can`t act logically...