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  1. scope

    • IPA[skōp]


    • n.
      the extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant;the opportunity or possibility to do or deal with something
    • v.
      assess or investigate (something);set the scope of (a projected undertaking)
    • verb: scope, 3rd person present: scopes, gerund or present participle: scoping, past tense: scoped, past participle: scoped

    • noun: scope, plural noun: scopes

    • 釋義



    • 1. assess or investigate (something) they'd scoped out their market
    • set the scope of (a projected undertaking) it is important that a project is scoped correctly to ensure the budget can be accurately defined
    • 2. North American informal look at carefully; scan they watched him scoping the room, looking for Michael