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    • 求救!英文自傳..可以幫我翻譯麼

      ...have deep interests in both interior design and fashion design. I care about culture and surroundings. I like to scrabble for ideas whenever I am free, and come up with many different ...

    • 英文好的來救我不 你可以幫我解釋這一篇麼

      小老鼠和紅蘋果 有一天, 一隻飢餓的老鼠突然看到了一顆又多汁又大的紅蘋 果. "這正是我要的~" 她哭著說. "我要把她帶回家好好飽餐一頓" 她推著蘋果滾阿滾. 已經等不及的想要大快朵頤. "好吃好吃~" 他 心裡想著. 突然之間...

    • 英文文法修改~急

      ... in Paris in order to understand what the curator die for. The following is the message: O... Lord of the Rings-the fellowship” a riddle about word arrangement is used. It happened...