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    • Scrabble為何要大寫?

      ...沒有圈圈) scrabble 本身是亂摸, 亂塗的意思 並不需要大寫 He scrabbled for the light switch in the dark. 他在黑暗中亂摸著找電燈開關. 如果是大寫 SCRABBLE...

    • 什麼是 English TWL??

      TWL = (Scrabble) Tournament Word List = 拼字詞典 This is a collection of words used for checking scrabble answers in North America .

    • 求救!英文自傳..可以幫我翻譯麼 design. I care about culture and surroundings. I like to scrabble for ideas whenever I am free, and come up with many different ...