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  1. scratch out

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    • 誰有龍騰版高三英文單字(急需)!!

      ... under (one's) wing - 受.....庇祐 at hand - 在手邊 see after - 照顧 scratch out - 用盡力量取得 make out - 好不容易地看懂 take upon oneself - 承擔 go through...

    • 英文言講稿~ picture a subsistence farmer in Africa spending 5,000 years scratching out an existence from the same scrap of land. The macroeconomics of all this aren’t...

    • 請講解一下此段文子的文法與翻譯

      The meanings:- Students probably think that they will never be exam., so students are trying to use votes accordingly to make every proposed amendment to make change in the schedule of a class wholly or on every class. "take" in the sentence...