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    • 英文 送20點 只要幫我找出文章中的分詞構句

      ..., suddenly, all of the young people were up out their seats, screaming and shouting and crying, doing small dances of excultation. All except...

    • 翻譯歌曲The Stupid Thing

      ...可以用) With interest rate so swift 利息變的真快(不穩定) No need to scream and shout 不需要尖叫(不須要去擔心) No doubt if women are from ...

    • 一段英語請求翻譯 謝謝

      ...lift, I have to hold myself together just in case I get the urge to shout and scream. 每當我做(登山或雪坡)覽車時 我一定要勉強自己 鰾叫出來。 I...