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  1. screen out

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      篩去, 過濾
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    • 1. 篩去, 過濾 This is the test to screen out people who would not do the job well. 這是一次考試, 這次考試將篩選掉不合適做這項工作的人。


    篩去, 過濾

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      ...through washing to deal with correctly on the chih-shang rice that is screened out carefully, then the rice that it is boiled out in accurate proportion water...

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      ...then in order to use the size of mesh operations. 4.Finally, the screening out of the finished size weighing and record.

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      ... remove a quantitative bottom sample from which the resident animals can be screened out on a series of sieves .在安全範圍(30m)以下,軟泥沉積物的群落通常會...