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  1. screw coupling

    • n.
      a female screw with threads at both ends for joining lengths of piping or rods.
    • noun: screw coupling, plural noun: screw couplings

  2. 知識+

    • 誰可以幫我翻譯一句英文??

      no they make horrible couple! screw that guyy. 應該是, no!they make hobbible coupleScrew that Guy! 而且要視前後文才能翻的比較好耶! 按字眼上來說,我會先翻 「不,他們真是糟糕的一對!去他媽的死傢伙!」 (SCREW有罵人的意思)

    • 急~翻譯鋼管套管文件 20點

      ...每英吋有8個短圓螺紋) 3.Pipes should be provided with long coupling screwed power tight and with threads similar to pipe threads. 管件須配上...

    • What do you like very much?

      ...on TV. Everyday I spend at leat a couple of hours watching political TV talk...13 23:19:58 補充: Well, I guess I screwed up didn't I? That's the thing...