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    screw down

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    • 幫我看文法這樣對嗎

      ...there is a tool kit in the trunk. Use the sleeve in it to loosen the screws. If the screws are too tight to loosen, use your leg to...

    • 請問關於”嘿咻”的英文有哪幾種說法?15點

      ... with ( she slept with another man ) screw 男性用較適合 ( i screwed her ) get down ( you should get down with him/her ) join ( they joined ) become one...

    • 電機費英文翻譯

      吹風機離心 恆定的壓力 磚種植木鑽 傳動機 乾燥平底鍋, Pug磨房副產物焦炭種植門機器,平等主義公羊推者酒吧,扭轉機器水泥磨房ConveyorsCrushers電梯的閥門 旋轉乾燥器 研磨機和Pulverizers 窯 煤炭和礦石橋梁橋梁 關閉,舉行...