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  1. screw up

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    • 1. 用螺絲釘將某物擰緊 screw up a crate 用螺絲釘把板條箱擰緊
    • 2. 將(紙等)揉成團 I screwed up the note and threw it on the fire. 我把便條揉成團扔進火裡了。
    • 3. (因光強、疼痛等)扭曲(面孔、眼睛) The taste of the lemon made her screw up her face. 檸檬把她酸得齜牙咧嘴。
    • 4. 【俚】把(某物)弄糟; 搞亂某事 Don't ask them to organize the trip, they'll only screw everything up. 別讓他們組織此行, 他們準得把一切都搞糟了。
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    • I can't tell及screw up

      ...don't know what the differences are.(我看不出來哪裡不同) "Screw up " means "Mess up"; To make a mess or a mistake...

    • 會英文的大大進來吧

      Screw Up 就是搞砸的意思 通常我是說 How is it supposed to be...用 I screwed up! How is it suppose to be? or I screwed up! What am I suppose to do? 都是有我完蛋了 我該怎麼補救...

    • 英文screw up被動或主動?

      His face was screwed up with fear.他的臉因為恐懼而扭曲。 -->也就是說他不是主動要扭曲臉部,而是...