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  1. screw wrench

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    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯下列句子(愈快愈好)

      ... with a crosshead screwdriver 3使用棘輪板手裝上10號套筒後卸下螺絲 take apart screws with a ratchet wrench with no. 10 socket 4將左前保桿側邊的卡鉤撬門 pry the door with the hook at front...

    • 汽車英文報告 中翻英 完整翻譯

      ...waste oil container under the engine oil pan. Slowly loosen and remove the bottom screw with a wrench and be careful with the outflow of hot oil. Allow enough time for the oil to drip...

    • 德文幫翻釋

      ...-Stanze 英:Double- Screw- Hole Punches 中:雙螺桿鑽孔機 德... key(在這裡Schlüssel應該英譯為handle或wrench) 中:馬桶Uni-Flex(品牌名稱)沖水...