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  1. screwier

    • screwy的形容詞比較級
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    • 英文講稿 請大師幫我修稿 謝謝

      ...2010-11-24 21:52:49 補充: The hypertext tools are very screwy .. don't work very well .. resulting in the below corrections...

    • 中翻英>"<(20點)

      ... beat down He lean against pass at once I more and more feel screwy OO walks behind I just discover He eats ~~ ...

    • 形容人的英文詞語

      ...夢幻的 44.old-time   資深的 45.lucky   幸運的 46.alone   孤獨的 47.screwy   小氣的 48.ideal   完美的 49.choosy   挑剔的 50.elegant   講究...