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  1. scribble away

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    • 這段中文翻英文應該怎麼寫?

      ...have a quiet corner so as to write a letter while other people may take up a pen and start scribbling away as long as there are a chair and a desk around. have to: 必須 / have to have...

    • 英文高手(急)二十點

      ... thinking of snow, how it blows across the gray pond scribbled with skate tracks, of the small blaze on its shore, and the boys...

    • 英文翻譯...中翻英..請幫我翻譯以下句子

      ...and locate in the corner or the cave, can drive ants away.  4.sheds the prickly-heat powder in the ant and... into a big hole too -  by~hanks 6. Scribble on the surface of the mirror of the wrist-watch, can prevent...