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  1. scrub away

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    • 1. 將某物擦洗掉或刷洗掉 scrub the grease away 把油漬刷洗掉



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    • 請問minimum tire scrub 是什麼意思????

      ...the alignment is correct, look for something that will affect scrub radius. Steering Axis Inclination... the vehicle to lift slightly when you turn the wheel away from a straight ahead position. This action uses...

    • 徵求英文高手~~幫幫我] (informal) to cancel sth that you have arranged to do scrub sthoff| scrub sth off sth to remove sth from the surface of an object...

    • 請各位翻譯這段英文謝謝!題目:Harry was....., when he heard the water running in the tub, he took the scrubbing brush…… and buried it in the backyard. Then he ran away from home. He played where they were fixing the street and...