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  1. sea purse


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    • 翻譯一下~是寒假作業--猜謎

      ...small flat case for cards or paper money , usually carried in a pocket or purse: cash 8.(noun) sea creatures that you eat: fish 9.(preposition) next to someone or something: beside...

    • 急~!!!請英文高手幫幫忙中翻英作品的設計理念??

      ...: Inspired by the lifeforms of the deep sea; these creatures from the bottom of the ocean are...a seductivce ambience that no one can neglect, making the purse/wallet glitter in the dark with the desire to be found by...

    • 介紹烏魚子 請幫我翻議英文

      ... distributed around the globe temperature, tropical seas, mainly sand and mud bottom habitat for coastal Catch mode divided by the gill net, purse seine, set net fishing and other fishing ...