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    • ph.
      I do not know (used for emphasis)
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    • 請問什麼是 i-search paper ??

      ...提供最詳盡詳細的介紹 以上回答提供參考 祝身體健康 天天開心

    • search是什麼?

      ...房子的每一個房間。 2. 細看;仔細檢查;(用外科儀器)探查(傷)[(+for)] I've searched my memory, but I can't remember that man's name. 我想了又想,可是記不起那個人...

    • Right Where You Want Me 歌詞翻譯

      Searching for my place in this world (在這個世界找尋我的落腳處) Getting lost over and over... my heart (然而你保護了我的心) You never let me stray too far (你不曾令我迷失太遠) You knew I couldn...