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  1. search-and-rescue operation

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 搜救行動 Within two hours of the building collapse, the city government commenced its search-and-rescue operation. 在大樓倒塌後的兩個小時之內,市政府就啟動了搜救行動。
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    • recall?maintain?是什麼意思~

      ...coast guard recalled staff who were on leave to carry out the two search and rescue operations,.... recall在此為召回,為動詞,因為過去式而加ed,整句可譯為:水上警察召回...

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      ... and Pingdong County are carrying out search and rescue operations. 中譯文 中央災害應變中心現已啟動了一級應變處理,鄰近的台南市和屏東縣...

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      ... Lai handled the post earthquake disaster relief efforts and search-and-rescue operations. ... 88-per cent of respondents backed how Lai handled...