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    • 日本旅遊作業”英文”(40點)

      ... is filled with many people through the year - there is no off-season here. Both adults and children enjoy the fun in Tokyo Disneyland. Tokyo Disneyland is located...

    • 幫我用英文介紹東京巨蛋(內有巨蛋資料)

      ...amusement park on its grounds. Named Tokyo Dome City, it includes a rollercoaster... a pair of games here to open the 2000 season, the first time American major league baseball...

    • 請幫我翻翻這篇新聞-2(急)

      ... fallen in downtown Tokyo since the beginning of winter... gone this late in the season without snow in at least 130 years...讓業者感到無奈。 In central Tokyo, officials were busy...