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  1. seawater

    • n.
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    • 海水

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    • 請大大幫我這題 機械英文翻譯

      ...generally use a"once through" system whereby the entire seawater feed is preheated through the staged...不同有不同設計,一般就是ㄧ群管組(piping),藉控制seawater (85度 C),和蒸發器內之壓力(低於14.7psi), 降低其...

    • 急! 中翻英 翻譯一篇演講稿

      ...divide the fishes into different categories, such as freshwater fish, tropical seawater fish, cold freshwater fish and cold seawater fish etc. The most popular ones...

    • 關於體積單位的正確英文使用方法?

      1. He is eight years old. vs. He is an eight-year old boy. 2. It is a 500 liters seawater tank. vs. We need a lot of 500-L seawater tanks.