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    • 請問英文的文法 to用法?? When it comes to playing tennis, my son is second to none.(說到打網球,我的兒子所向披靡)

    • 英翻中五個句子並詳細解釋英文用法

      ...準備考試,Laveme看了考卷差點哭了出來 look over審視,翻閱之意 3.*No* two fingerprints have ever been found to be exactly the same.這句的英翻中?!還有此處的no是否可替換成none?!no和none用法有何不...

    • ever的用法

      ... than". It is an comparison sentence structure. When you compare, you need to find at least TWO things. In the choice, (A)once, (B)never, (C)not don't indicate TWO...