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      ...can be extracted from resources which absorb energy from the sun to synthesize or create matter. These ..., such as plants and bacteria,and secondary producers, such as fish and mammals. 可...

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      圖 1. 濺散會議室的概要圖畫和那 能源-決定大眾的分光計過去一直存放 Ti Cr O 外套- x 的 y z ings 和測量中立者和一離子的能源分配 品種。 監視器的 ITO 的孔口被放置在地方 在基體持有人被為沈澱實驗設定的地方。 ITO=Ion...

    • 【贈20點】求:任何產品的英文簡介一段 《急

      ..., along with the expectation of AC line power. As such, energy efficiency and portability for desktops are secondary design goals compared to absolute performance.