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    second hand compliment
  1. secondhand compliment

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    • 1. 經由別人傳達的讚美 Most of the time it's simply the secondhand compliment. 大多數時候那只是二手稱讚。
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    • 文化在第二外語學習扮演的腳色?(20點)

      ...16:03:54 補充: they're actually paying you a compliment by saying that you should lose it so they can pick it...make you feel comfortable taking it off their hands. see, that was a thing i'd never have ...

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      ..., we eat with our right hands, left hands means it’s not clean 2007-05-31 04:10:26...: In Greece when you compliment someone else’s items, they will give it to you...

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      ...), you will also see the two be-verbs not functioning...adjective clause to be used as a compliment (補語) to the subject (主詞): "... just having "itchy hands" and want to try it, now I...