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  1. secondhand smoke


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    • 二手菸的英文

      secondhand smoke 我誠懇推薦香港的奇摩字典收的字句,確實比台灣的奇摩字典收的多,而且還有一項真人發音,所以我都查香港的奇摩字典o例如:二手煙(secondhand smoke),查台灣的奇摩漢英字典查不到,查香港的就查到了o

    • 父母反對抽煙的原因~我給15點喔!拜託........英文

      ... by cigarettes. That is, experts believe that secondhand smoke do much more damage to people. Besides, they say that a secondhand smoker is...

    • 麻煩翻譯以下有關二手菸的句子,謝謝!

      ... contains nicotine; this is what is known as secondhand smoke. The harmful chemicals contained in secondhand smoke can increase...