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    • club penguin secret agent

      2, 3, 2, 3, 3, 2 我也是一個Secret Agent喔!! 我記得是要看到那支Spy Phone是否在Inventory 中。Spy Phone 的紅燈有功能。 祝 順利加入~~

    • There is(are), have no...的用法

      ...保護」, 除了您原引用的「We just don't have enough spooks and secret agents to make sure that our country is as safe as it could be.」外, 用第一...

    • 提供警方線索的線民=undercover agent ?

      提供警方線索的線民稱 undercover agent or agent undercover? 不對 那是 臥底警探 或 便衣警探線民稱為(Police) Informant補充密探 Secret Agent