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    • 我想請問英文句子TO與WITH用法,謝謝

      ...所以英文用 left a message with,就是指這個請「代轉」 的意思: Since Mr.Chang was... office, I left a message with his secretary. 因為張先生不在他辦公室,我留了個口信在他...

    • Be poised to 的意思

      ... no need to be nervous. 這裏空氣清新自由,人們神態輕松安詳,公共場所也未見執法人員顧盼招搖,何須... would again be sitting there before the secretary and would look up, quill poised, and rise with sweet fragrance...

    • 想知道 這句話意義 showing us the rope

      ...都以複數形式出現) 是一句成語,是"教某人一些他所不熟習事或物"的意思. 例如: The new secretary started today so I spent most of the morning showing her...