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    • 英文翻譯 很急 謝謝

      ...toilet paper at the bottom of pots, then poured into the potting(in case if may be lose it). 2. 將種子有黑點的那端朝下 , 放置土中 , 不用埋的太深 The black spots of the seeds side down, buried in the earth, not too deep. 3. 3天澆一次水 , 微量即可...

    • 破蛋+樹苗的英文

      破蛋= "broken egg"/ In case you use it in the contest game, it would be "break zero"; 樹苗: sapling OR young plant OR seeding;

    • 蕃茄中翻英 急 !! the shape and size of the tomatoes are case sensitive, it also has many uses. ...smooth and resilience, slightly hard tomato fruit, pulp orange-yellow, seeds, sweet flavor with acid. Similar to eat and ...