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    sleep (out/forth)
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    • 95 高考三級 英文 英翻中

      ...that more women nowadays are seeking out egalitarian relationships with males.現在... infant’s tendencies to rapidly go back and forth between sleep and wakefulness. 所有的父母親都意識到他們的嬰兒在睡眠...

    • sos英文白痴的求救,請幫我寫一篇英文短文

      ...dinner with my girl friend in a fine restaurant. I slept till almost noon and missed a nice spring morning with... me hours driving back and forth. I also had to wait in the long lines...

    • 請問Probably-obably-obably...的意思

      ...little straw over the eggs and go out for a walk."   Wilbur yawned and went back to sleep. In his dreams...the weather-vane swung back and forth. Wilbur loved the barn...