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  1. seethe

    • IPA[siːð]


    • v.
      (of a liquid) boil or be turbulent as if boiling;cook (food) by boiling it in a liquid
    • verb: seethe, 3rd person present: seethes, gerund or present participle: seething, past tense: seethed, past participle: seethed

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    • IPA[sēT͟H]


    • v.
      (of a liquid) bubble up as a result of being boiled: the brew foamed and seethed

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 有沒有一些英文片語或者是厘語可以形容生氣

      ... channels without asking me first." seething = extremely angry, but hiding it: "She was seething...

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      ...set 放.置 (16) sett 鋪路用的石頭 (17) settee 中小型沙發.有靠背的長椅 (18) seethe 沸騰 (19) sec 無甜味的 (20) sect 派別.黨派 (21) sestet 六重唱.六重奏 (22) stet...

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      ...尤指乳齒) loathe 厭惡,憎恨 writhe 扭曲;(痛苦地)扭動(身體等) scythe 長柄大鐮刀 seethe 煮沸;冒泡;翻騰 spathe 【植】佛焰苞 swathe 包紮;包裹 scathe 危害,損害,損傷...