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    • 請幫我翻譯這張英文獎狀

      ...'s Art Exhibition is honoured by the Selection Committee. 為褒獎您高標準的作品與它在國際友誼的貢獻, 第29屆國際兒童美術展覽會選拔...

    • 急~麻煩英文厲害的幫我翻譯幾句句子吧!謝謝~~

      ...仍然必須挑出最吸引他們的一個出來 7. His dinner selection of stuffed quail sounded better on...本身不如菜單所說的這麼好 8. The planning committee was very selective about who received ...

    • 中翻英 20點 急 只有兩句

      ... NAME, The Admission Committee at XXX will reach an decision for my application...? do you have an interview (face to face) in that selection? what situation is this?