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  1. selective attention

    • n.
      the capacity for or process of reacting to certain stimuli selectively when several occur simultaneously.
    • noun: selective attention

  2. 知識+

    • selective attention甚麼意思???

      ...術語,英文解釋如下: (Psychology) psychol the process by which a person can selectively pick out one message from a mixture of messages occurring simultaneously

    • 急問! 請幫我把文章中文翻成英文 understand the visual influences it has on the viewers selective attention. 有點專業不過有把你的意思都翻譯出來了 希望可以幫上忙 2007-12-21 21...

    • 心理學作業上遇到困難 3個都需要翻譯並解釋..

      ...-directed attention 目標導向的注意力 2.stimulus-driven attention 刺激驅動的注意力 人類對周遭環境的「感知」(perception), 是有「選擇性」的(selective), 只看到有興趣的事物,只聽到有關係的話, 這就是「注意力」(attention...