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  1. self-abuse


    • n.
      behaviour which causes damage or harm to oneself;masturbation
    • noun: self-abuse

    • 釋義


    • 1. behaviour which causes damage or harm to oneself he drove us stupid with tales of his past self-abuse
    • masturbation prostitutes were thought preferable to the guilt and fear induced by self-abuse
  2. 知識+

    • 請問這句法律用語的英文怎麼翻較妥當?

      self-reports of crime or substance abuse 犯罪或濫用毒品自白報告 .

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      ...and exciting?A:I do not think so. I think that is self-abuse. I'll never not want to try.B:I think its a lot of...

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      當在壓力水平上的區別從工作場所惡習關係了致壓力素,并且其他與工作場所相關的致壓力素被比較了,這本研究的結果在壓力水平在自已報告的受害者顯示了出一個重大區別。 它表明更高的壓力水平與工作場所惡習致壓力素相關在自已報告的受害者被找到,當與壓力水平比較聯合其他...