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    • in the same breath的意思

      在同一時刻 --in the same breath全文說明:北京(路透社報導)週五,中國為二岸和平,提供二隻貓熊給台灣,但就在同時引發陳水扁總統以他所一貫支持單邊島國獨立的言論

    • 有關breath的片語有哪些?

      ... as a token of peace, but in the same breath accused President Chen Shui-bian of ratcheting... with his support of formal independence for the self-ruled island. 全文說明:北京(路透社報導)週五...

    • 那個好心的大大幫我改改英文作文~~ 拜託幫幫忙

      ...environment to get well.  Second, with money, a wrongly accused person can hire a better lawyer to set him free... left me when they found me self-centered.  Now I don't have any...