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    • 自負的,顧影自憐的
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    • 請問一個人的內在影響著外在的英文怎麼翻 ?

      ...person affects how he expresses on the outside. One's inner self affects what he shows outerly. One's inner content affects his...

    • self esteem's problem

      ... stated in your title, she has low self-esteem. So the problem is how she can help ... think. I could tell that she this girl with low-self esteem is the same. She sees other ...

    • 請幫我檢查文法的錯誤~~很急!

      ...every person’s life, all of us might is always affected by other people, which possibly is good also but possibly... story which can make renders people make a self criticising and self examining. 如修正...