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    • 請幫我中翻英好嗎(10點)

      ...exactly to I is what feel you say good mama I by myself very self-contradict want you or want the answer and do not ignore me good You why so cruel...

    • 看作文回答題目~~英文(pro only) your argument. Here is the rundown. You are contradicting yourself when you state, "Nobody has the right to take away...

    • 英文文章請高手幫忙翻譯一下~贈10點

      Making The Most of Mistakes= 利用錯誤 當你發現在工作上犯了不 可原諒的錯誤時, 你的第一個自然反應就是否定它的發生或是設法掩蓋它. 然後你會憤怒及自我防衛而且將過錯歸咎給別人, 接著就是想隱瞞一切. 這些反應都屬正常嗎? 其實這...