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    • 醫學翻譯!!! 好急阿=口=

      ...independence a patient finds acceptable must be self-determined .The therapist must remember that cultural ...roll and come to a seated position to engage in self-care tasks can be learned only in...

    • 請幫忙翻譯一段英文,感謝!

      The indicator of career self-efficacy helps determine the behavior of an individual in different situations when planning ...

    • 英文翻譯求救part5:原住民的認定議題盡量中午12點拜託!

      提供您參考︿︿ 斯科特確定了兩個對立的原則,理解彼此的創作這兩個領域:東南亞國家艇在會前的殖民地時代, "農民狡猾"的阻力( 2000年: 8 ) 。很簡單的概括,這個概念是,前殖民國的主要關注的是,以吸引和經常捕捉人,並讓他們在人口密集的地區...