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  1. self-interruption

    • n.
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    • 超急!!!!幾句英文翻譯

      ...think everyone should have their own time and space, aside from other people's interruption. 2. Doing self-reflection often, it let me aware not to make the same mistake again. 3. I...

    • 急英文翻譯 勿用google

      ... the difficulty of the materials collection and the interruption of the disagreements between us. Luckily... different personality and principle, and putting aside self- opinion and temper not only need psychological construction, but also...

    • 一些模具的名詞

      ...039;unités d'isolement par tubulure diverse chaude chaude spéciale d'interruption de coureur du reniflard d'air de feuilles d'isolation de coureur de...