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  1. self-satisfaction

    • KK[͵sɛlfsætɪsˋfækʃən]
    • DJ[ˋself͵sætisˋfækʃən]


    • n.
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    • 日文翻譯 希望這一切不是我自作多情,如果是,我很抱歉

      ...謝ります=あやまります(道歉) ひとりよがり【独り善がり】 self-conceit; self-satisfaction; complacency

    • 英文翻譯問題.....!!

      ...feel one must understand his work and familiar with it. Familiar can bring self-satisfaction. And then one can discover the interesting part of the work. 這樣便...

    • 修改英文作文 be a wealthy man. But to me, a successful person is to have self satisfaction. Like my family, I think my father is very successful...