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    • 可以幫我用下列的片語造個對話嗎~謝謝!急急急啊~

      ... you rat me out? (你出賣我?) B: You want to talk about selling someone out? (你要談背叛某某人嗎?) 7. A: XX is selling out...

    • 幾個英文成語請幫忙~>

      1, sell(someone) down the river 出賣某人 2, rake over the coals 斥責 3, eat...mouth 出言不遜 6, throw her weight around 影響周遭 7, snap out of it 振作起來 8, cut it out 住嘴少來這一套 9, hit it off...

    • 英文作文怎磨寫?

      If I could be someone else, I would be Doraemon... inside his magic pocket. Out of all those magical, amazing... still a young man, and sell tissue papers. You might...