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    send back

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    • ph. 置後

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    • 請問 don't send back to me 的翻譯

      意思是:不要寄回給我 建議使用 網路翻譯 例如google翻譯 奇摩翻譯 很快就能查到意思

    • 英文假設語氣文法問題

      ... am determined that she be sent back soon.為什麼要加be,如果省略be是否正確. 這一題...stay in bed. It is urgent that he come back now. 就是不管主詞是第幾人稱, 碰到這類句型...

    • how to write a letter to send

      ... bag We will be in touch with you in 24/48 hours after you send back the information. Sunshine Airways will do our best to...