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  1. send off

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    • 1. 郵寄 Why haven't you got my letter? I sent it off last week. 你為什麼沒有接到我的信?我是上週寄出去的。 Please see that these parcels are sent off. 請務必把這些包裹立即去郵寄。
    • 2. 將(球員)罰下場
    • 3. 送往某地, 派往某地 There was a large crowd to send him off. 有一大群人給他送行。 The best way to get rid of a troublesome politician is to send him off to a foreign country. 擺脫討厭的政客的最好辦法是送他出國。
    • 4. 函索, 訂購 I've sent off for those bulbs I saw advertised in the paper. 我已寫信訂購我在報紙廣告上看到的那種燈泡。