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    • 請問 products will be sent out b

      Products will be sent out tomorrow. (產品明天送出) Products will be sent out by tomorrow.(產品在明天以前送出) 兩者都可以。加一個by. 有強調"最後期限"的語氣。

    • 急! 英文翻中文~

      Once upon a time, to have a party, you have to send out paper invitations or spend hours calling your...

    • 幫我檢查,中文句子翻成英文是否有誤。

      ...英文翻譯: Next year (2015) I will make my own photographs into postcards sent out to anyone. 請幫我看英文使用是否有不當的地方!!或需要改的地方!!謝謝 ☆ I will make my own...