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  1. send someone up

    • ph.
      sentence someone to imprisonment
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    • 請幫我正確解答如下文法選擇題,謝謝!

      ...between $100 and $150 a night,if possible. 如果可行的話 7( )They’ll send someone to pick you up. 去接你 不定詞表預備做的事 8( )We’ll have to make a reservation...

    • 關於旅館、餐館的英文對話、文章 501. 艾咪: 當然可以。這是五○一號房。 Clerk: We'll send someone up to help you with your luggage right away. 職員: 我們會馬上派人上去幫您...

    • 日常用語 英?

      .../C). 2.我瞭解,我們馬上派人過去。 I see. We'll send someone up right away. 3.請幫我接房客李先生。 Could you connect me with one of...