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  1. send up

    • ph.
      give an exaggerated imitation of someone or something in order to ridicule them;sentence someone to imprisonment
  2. 知識+

    • send up a red flag

      “Green” Products Are Sending Up a Red Flag 「綠色」產品名符其實...通常是用raise a red flag,亮起紅燈之意, send up是升起;發射,因此在這裡指所謂的綠色產品的...

    • 請問avoid sending up red flags?

      avoid sending up red flags ---> 免得引起(別人的)注意, 有"不要打草驚蛇"的意思Red Flags 是指"叫人警覺的事情或東西"

    • what's mean

      I will have this attache case with me. Will you have my bags sent up? 我要隨身攜帶這個手提箱. 你可以將我的行李託運嗎? 註: 這應是航空櫃檯前check-in時的旅客話語.