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    • 是感官動詞也是連綴動詞

      ...verb “seems” with “is”. Therefore, the sense verb “seems” in the 1st sentence is acting as a ...

    • 英文文法 不定詞與動名詞?

      ...the verb "see". As you may have learned it before, the "sense verbs" such as see, hear, smell, etc. can take two kinds of object complement: 1. participle...

    • 請問三題英文句型

      ...mdash;Action Verbs 【run, jump, swim, go, ..等等。 】 及感官動詞 (Sensing Verbs) --【become, seem, look, appear, smell, ..等等。】就非得用兼備副詞型態之well 不可...